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Resident Evil Village Reveal Main Villains

Ahead of the release of Resident Evil Village on May 7th, IGN have released details on the Four Lords and Ladies that inhabit the village of evil residences.

Recently, IGN have scoped out every pixel of the upcoming Resident Evil Village, how much of those scoped pixels were taken up by Lady Dimitrescu we can’t say for sure. Upon a lengthy playthrough of the game, they discovered details alluding to other Lords & Ladies across the land, which appears to be divided by four siblings with their Mother Miranda as the overseer.

The game’s art director Tomonori Takano has described the main villains as homages to classic gothic horror. Takano expands on this by confirming Lady Dimitrescu’s affiliation with vampires and confirms other inspirational species such as werewolves, mermen and ghosts.


Set in an Eastern European village, protagonist Ethan Winters meets with a house of surviving citizens in search of Rose. As is custom with the Resident Evil franchise, things don’t exactly go to plan. Now Ethan is stranded in unfamiliar territory where all he knows is, here there be monsters! Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mermen and mad men. Come tomorrow one family will take everything and everyone. As the midnight moon rises on black wings, we await the light at the end…


Before we introduce our new villains, it’s only right to start with our gloriously gargantuan guy-scraper, Lady Dimitrescu. When she’s not swooning everyone in existence and breaking Guinness World Records with her elevated elegance, you’ll find Lady Dimitrescu towering over and toying with her patriarchal prey alongside her carnivorous cult of bloodsucking daughters. While fans will most likely be chasing Dimitrescu once the game is released, her stature looming throughout a small old fashioned castle will surely make for some warped and claustrophobic discomfort.


Is this the village Van Helsing, here to save you from his seductive bloodsucker of a sister? Doubt it. Playing a game within a game, Karl Heisenberg has turned his factory into his own personal toy box, and you’re the toy! While not wholly confirmed, the hammer’s presence gives rise to an affiliation with werewolves, not to mention his rugged good looks…WHY IS EVERYTHING THAT’S TRYING TO KILL ME ALSO EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE?!?!


Oap, I spoke too soon. Nope. Don’t want it. What is it even? He’s the merman of the family? That means we’re getting dropped into a sea monster level. NOPE. Ian can I give this to someone else? I want to go home. No? Fine. Thalassophobes like myself will not be happy when Moreau comes up for air from his reservoir bordering a decrepit fishing village. What he lacks in style and charisma, he will most likely make up for in brains…which I assume he keeps on his bulbous back. ALL THE NOPE! NEXT!


Barnabas the cat here. Benjamin left with a streak of urine trailing behind him, so I’ll fill in on this one. This woman in black and her living dead doll, Angie, live alone in their ghost town of a house on the edge of the village. Very little has been revealed about them but I can take a wild guess and say they have a killer ventriloquist routine!


I’m back and that’s the last we’ll hear of it! Last but certainly not least is the mystique of Mother Miranda. While no official artwork or backstory has been revealed amongst our roster of resident radges, we believe that Mother Miranda is briefly spotted in the trailer as a bird-like beldam. Although mysterious and recluse, she is omnipresent throughout the trailer much like Resident Evil 7’s Grandma Baker.

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is set to release on the 7th of May where Lady Dimitrescu can finally get a hold of all her fans whether they try to escape from her feminine harms or not. With this Resident Evil Village reveal, we’ll be able to ease into this one.

Let us know your thoughts on the Resident Evil Village reveal, your favourite Resident Evil game and which of the houses you’re most looking forward to exploring!

For more information on the game and how to pre-order visit the Official Resident Evil website

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