Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #2Comic Reviews 

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #2

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #2

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #2

Writer: Rio Youers

Artist: Tom Fowler

Lettering: Andworld Design

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: October 20, 2021

Cover Artists: Sam Wolfe Connelly, Tiffany Turrill

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #2

Issue #2

It took Cal and Arlene one day on Brody Island to piss off a homicidal biker gang—and to find the magical axe so memorably wielded by June Branch one year ago. But what else have Cal and Arlene come to Brody to do? And now that you mention it…where is June Branch?

Issue #1 review here

Writer: Rio Youers

Youers uses the issue to bridge the gap from Basketful with a couple of “FBI” agents asking June about the Axe of Yggdrasil before she bluffs that she doesn’t know anything. Back on Brody Island Cal and Arlene are run off the road by the Biker Gang that chased them last issue. Again, they are actually on the island for the Axe. After some very skilful manoeuvring, the bikers are freed from their bodies and two are placed in the titular fridge.

Youers keep leaning into the plot adding to the mythos with a belt, dagger (seen in issue #1) and sword all with different mythical properties. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing the artefacts go up against each other before being united to wield later in the series.

Artist: Tom Fowler

Fowler’s anarchic artwork paired with the amazing Andworld lettering makes the panels look almost three dimensional, have a look at our throat-eyed view from the shark about to chomp-chomp down on the biker. The lettering brings the drawing to life with high-speed jaws about to blend his head into pâté

Overall Thoughts

Closing the loop as well as expanding the mythology of the Nordik weaponry is adding a fresh dimension to the series. The strong female protagonist looks like she will have an equally strong female antagonist in a race to find the weapons. Fowler and Andworld pairing for artwork and lettering shine through the whole issue putting them heads above the competition.

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