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The New Trailer For Spider-Man: No Way Home Analysed

The New Trailer For Spider-Man

The Trailer In Question

The much anticipated trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has dropped and it looks great. Following multiple leaks, prediction videos and an intriguing first trailer, the second trailer has arrived. You can see it below in all of its glory before we break it down.

Considering the rampant online speculation, a plethora of various leaks, (both false and genuine,) and both Sony and Marvel leaning into said speculation, the final Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer amazingly lives up to the hype that preceded it. This thing looks wild and the trailer also confirms a lot of what has already been speculated and leaked. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a proper look at the three Spider-Men rumoured to appear. That said, we did get a much better look at the multiple villains that will appear in the movie.

Extra Clarity

The first trailer that released back in August was somewhat all over the place. It introduced multiple crazy concepts to the audience, such as crossing the MCU Spider-Man universe with prior Spider-Man franchises. Due to this, some aspects of what No Way Home’s plot entails were a little unclear.

The new trailer for Spider-Man: NWH manages to clear up some of that confusion. Particularly, whether the film will involve the old Spider-Man villains coming over into our world. Or whether the film will follow Peter going through the multiverse and encountering these past villains on the way. The latter theory can now be put to bed, as this movie is clearly taking place within the current MCU universe.

Doctor Octopus

The New Trailer For Spider-Man
Caged calamari.

He made his gob-smacking appearance in the previous trailer. Now, de-aged Alfred Molina is back again for the second trailer as Otto Octavius. We get to see a bit more of the highway fight that follows that “Hello Peter,” line from the first trailer. This extra context also gives us another vital piece of information: Ock doesn’t actually realise that he is no longer in his original universe anymore, AKA the Raimiverse.

When Peter’s mask is removed, he exclaims; “You’re not Peter Parker!” He obviously expected to see the face of Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker when he removed that mask. Following this distracting shock, Spidey seems to gain the upper hand and actually manages to knock Ock out and take him prisoner back at the Sanctum.

Otto’s Arms Get A Stark Tech Makeover?

The New Trailer For Spider-Man
Ottobots transform.

In contrast to the last time we saw them, Doctor Octopus’ arms are hot-rod red in the scene pictured above. The hot-rod red is immediately reminiscent of the red in Iron Man’s suit. Could Ock somehow steal the Stark nano technology and adapt it into his arms? It certainly seems like that could be the case.

Additionally, we know that the Armor Wars series is on its way to Disney+ from Marvel Studios. In the original Armor Wars story-line from the comics, Tony Stark came to the realisation that somebody had been stealing and using his technology to arm various villains across the Marvel Universe. Could Doc Ock’s new red arms possibly be a nod towards that upcoming show’s plot?

Green Goblin

The New Trailer For Spider-Man
Go-go Goblin Rangers.

In the first trailer, all we got was a quick shot of a pumpkin grenade and that classic cackle, but in the new trailer for Spider-Man: NWH, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin reappears. Sadly, upon first glance, he seems to still be wearing the awkward, slightly ridiculous costume from the first Spider-Man movie. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for too long.

The New Trailer For Spider-Man
For a scary moment, I thought this was New Goblin.

We get this shot a bit later in the trailer, which seems to show that the Goblin has a new look. This helmet-less costume lines up with the various concept art and plot leaks that have emerged over the last six months. The longer hairstyle also lines up with the leaked image of Willem Dafoe in No Way Home from a few months back.

The New Trailer For Spider-Man
“You know, I’m something of a hair-stylist myself.”

I am so glad that they seem to be upgrading that goofy Power Rangers-esque getup to something more up-to-date. Also, when you have one of the greatest and most emotive living actors playing a major villain in your movie, it always helps to be able to see his face.


Shaking off the blues.

I remember when I first heard that Jamie Foxx had been cast as Max Dillon in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I was really excited to see what he could do with the role. Unfortunately, a mockery was made of the classic villain in that movie and the potential of seeing Jamie Foxx as a truly threatening antagonist was squandered.

Thankfully, he is getting a second chance and hopefully being given some better material to work with this time around! He is seen in full costume in the new trailer and thankfully the Ultimate Spider-Man-esque blue look has been ditched for a more comic accurate yellow theme, complete with lightning bolts that make up the shape of the classic mask. I feel like this is a pretty great compromise between something that is comic accurate, but won’t look too ridiculous in live-action.

Sandman and Lizard

That sand does look like it gets everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on some leaked details from an article in Empire Magazine. That leaked article stated that Rhys Ifans would return as The Lizard in this movie and Thomas Hayden-Church would return as Sandman. The new trailer for Spider-Man: NWH gives concrete proof that this is indeed the case, with a good look at both characters.

Unfortunately, although Goblin and Electro have received makeovers to their respective character designs from past movies, The Lizard has not. He still looks like an shell-less Ninja Turtle. Not the pointed reptile wearing a lab coat that we all know and love from the comic books. Still, it is nice to receive confirmation he and Sandman are in the movie.

Spider-Man or Spider-Men?

Some choice cinematography.

At first glance, this shot composition feels off. Why frame three antagonists in different sections of screen right with our singular hero in the top left section of the shot? It doesn’t even look as if all three of the villains are focused on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in this shot. Instead, Electro and Lizard seem to be staring into what seems to be empty space.

I posit the theory that in the final film, this shot will feature all three Spider-Men fighting a villain each. We all know that Marvel aren’t above editing characters out of their trailers for the sake of hiding plot elements in their films. Pair this with the fact that The Lizard clearly takes a punch to the face at 0:55 in this international version of the trailer and it is clear that nothing is as it seems. A better look at that invisible punch can be seen below.

Give Them A Hand

Have I been looking at this trailer for too long, or is that a floating arm? In the shot just before MJ falls from the Statue Of Liberty, something odd appears on Ned’s left. It looks to be a floating Spider-Man sleeve. Check it out below and tell me if you think there’s something there or if I’m just going mad. It could well be both to be honest.

Give her a hand.
I feel like I’m looking for Bigfoot.

Do you see what I mean? Could this be a mistake left in the trailer? Perhaps this Spider-arm was missed when the Garfield and Maguire Spidey variants were being edited out? Regardless, it does add credence to the theory that the shots we are seeing in this trailer have been tampered with in some way.

This trailer got everyone like:

The Fall Of MJ

Fun fact: There is a local bakers near me called Watson’s that make awesome pancakes. Not sure why this sequence made me think of that.

The shot that immediately follows the floating arm shows MJ fall from the Statue Of Liberty. We see Peter dive after her and at the last minute, a hand reaches out to catch her. This sequence is extremely reminiscent of the death of Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

If Andrew Garfield does appear in the movie, then this could be his moment to shine. I reckon that Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man will fail to catch MJ as she is falling. He will have a brief moment of extreme grief as he thinks she is about to die. Then just as she is about to hit the ground, Andrew Garfield’s Spidey will swing in and save her. This will work to somewhat redeem him failing to save Gwen in his own universe.

A Captain’s Legacy

Passing the torch.

A lot of the scenes mentioned above show a fight taking place atop the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty seems to be undergoing a renovation. This is made clear due to the abundance of scaffolding surrounding the monument.

It seems as though Captain America is being honoured, as Lady Liberty will now wield the iconic shield in place of her traditional torch! I really like this piece of worldbuilding that they incorporated here. It gives us and understanding of how the citizens of Earth honour the events of Avengers: Endgame. Unfortunately though, it looks like the construction workers will have to start from scratch after the entire monument is almost destroyed by the cast of No Way Home!

What did you think of the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home? Did you spot anything that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments section down below

Spider-Man: No Way Home drops on the 17th of December.

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