Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #3

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #3

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #3

Writer: Rio Youers

Artist: Tom Fowler

Lettering: Andworld Design

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 21st December 2021

Cover Artists: Marcio Takara, Maria Wolf

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #3

Issue #3

The truth behind the identities of seemingly squeaky-clean Brody Island vacationers Cal and Arlene are revealed…just in time for the bloodthirsty biker gang that’s taken control of Brody to learn what that axe they’ve been hunting for can really do! If the gang wants to achieve their goals, they’re gonna have to put their heads together—which isn’t so easy when their bodies are on the other side of the island…

Writer: Rio Youers

Rooster, the now bodiless head of the bikers who were killed in the last issue, uses all his strength to get back to Erika his boss. Erika is behind the murders and robberies as she brings together the Norse Tetrad, four ancient artefacts imbued with the powers each of their gods held. A Sword that steals the memories of those it kills, a Dagger that immobilises you for eternity and a Belt that powers can’t be believed and the Ax that keeps the heads alive of the victims it kills.

When the local chief of police sniffs around Arlene and Calvin, he finds out they are undercover DoD agents but not believing this he ends up as another head in the fridge. With June now captured by Erika, how can they escape the gang and the weapons they now possess?

Youers adds a lot of tongue in cheek humour to these issues such as the three-page journey of Chopper as he flips, licks and wobbles his way across the forest as ahead, it’s silly, ballsy and very successful with a new head POV.

Artist: Tom Fowler

The artwork of this issue is again perfect, highlighting for example poor Chopper’s journey through the woods as well as the pages covering the new artefacts. Poor June from Bucketful is dragged back to Brady Island providing continuity between the titles that excite the reader.

Overall Thoughts

The first three pages are an absolute joy with the ludicrous nature pushed to one side and almost the complete focus on each panel shown at Chopper’s head POV. The addition of the three new artefacts will allow future story arcs as well as balance the power of the Ax.

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