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Mad Max Sequel Game In The Works?

Mad max game

Despite the fact that Mad Max is a hugely popular franchise that you would imagine to be ripe for a videogame adaption, you may be shocked to learn that there has only ever been one AAA game produced in the Mad Max universe. Sure, gaming franchises like Fallout and Borderlands take many of their aesthetic cues from Mad Max, but there has only ever been one direct AAA adaption.

Although there was a forgettable 2D Mad Max game released for the NES in 1990, it really isn’t worth going back to based on the playthroughs available on YouTube. There have also been a couple of other Mad Max game projects attempted over the years, – one from Interplay Entertainment and one headed up by God Of War creative director, Cory Barlog, – though neither of them ever came to fruition.

The Mad Max game that we did eventually get was developed by the team behind the Just Cause franchise; Avalanche Studios. It came out not long after the brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road landed in cinemas and fans of the classic post apocalyptic film series were looking forward to putting themselves in Max’s shoes.

Whilst the game was a solid attempt at bringing the world of Mad Max to gamers, it unfortunately released on the 1st of September 2015, – the same date as MGSV: The Phantom Pain. Sadly the release of Metal Gear totally overshadowed the Mad Max game, which led to the game not doing great commercially, though most critics gave the game a favourable review.

Due to the financial performance of the title, fans of the game, (such as myself,) had somewhat gave up all hope that we would ever see a sequel to the 2015 entry. There has never been so much of a suggestion that a sequel was in development, that is until now:

The above tweet was put out by a digital researcher called Wendy W. Fox, who is employed at Avalanche’s New York office. In the image attached to the tweet, Wendy can be seen having her face scanned using photogrammetry cameras. According to the caption above the image, this is for use in, ‘Mad Max 2.’

Well one thing is for certain, a digital version of Wendy Fox hasn’t been retroactively inserted into the second Mad Max movie, so does this mean that there is another game in the works? It would certainly seem like that is what is being suggested here!

It should be noted that Wendy is also careful to mention that this photo was taken in the, “before times,” – as in before the recent global pandemic. This could have been at any time before 2020, meaning that even if this project was in development at some point in the past, it could have subsequently went dark.

Wendy went on to reveal that her likeness would have been used on a ‘rebel’ character model, however that is the only further piece of information that she provided to follow up this tweet. This means that no explicit details on the potential Mad Max sequel game have been shared as of the time of writing.

3D scanning technology wasn’t something that was ever implemented in the development of the first Mad Max game. This led to one of the main criticisms of that first entry; poorly modelled character models. Therefore, it would make sense that this is an aspect that Avalanche would want to remedy for a potential sequel.

The only other Avalanche title that I am aware of which used facial scanning technology was 2019’s Rage 2. There is of course the chance that Wendy made a mistake and it was actually Rage 2 in which she was scanned in as a rebel. Though, I doubt it as Rage 2 released a fair amount of time before the Covid pandemic hit.

What do you make of the possibility of a Mad Max sequel game? Is it something that you would be interested in playing? Do you think we will see an official announcement of the project at some point? Let us know in the comments section below.

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