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Review – Suicide Squad #4

Review - Suicide Squad #4

Review – Suicide Squad #4

Writer – Robbie Thompson

Penciler – Eduardo Pansica

Inkers – Joe Prado & Julio Ferreira

Colours – Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer – Wes Abbott

Publisher – DC Comics

Release – 2nd June 2021


Task Force X missed its opportunity to extract a new speedster from Teen Titans Academy, but they return with a prize just as valuable – Red X. But the tables quickly turn when it becomes apparent the Squad’s newest target may have planned his own capture. Now hunted by X, the Squad begins to drop one by one, leaving team leader Amanda Waller scrambling for bargaining chips.


After last week’s terrible Crossover Event in Teen Titans Academy #3, I felt that I had to revisit Task Force X to see if it had a detrimental effect on this ongoing series. Thankfully not. From start to finish Robbie Thompson takes us on another action packed rollercoaster. Not only that but there are some intriguing character interactions between Red X and the Squad. These only help to raise several questions which we hope will be addressed in later issues.


I said in Suicide Squad #3 that I was a big fan of this artwork and that remains the same here. Pansica, Ferreira and Maiolo have been joined by Joe Prado in this issue. He adds additional inkwork and finishing which thankfully does not detract from the great work that the 3 have done previously. Wes Abbott should also not go unnoticed with his lettering, and the ease in which the issue reads from page to page. The guys love a two page spread and when it’s done well, it’s a thing of beauty. As it is here.

Special mention to the panel layout in the final page of the book, so fitting and so well done.


Another enjoyable issue. I came back sceptical after the shambolic Teen Titans Academy Crossover. But I needn’t have been. Thompson knows what he is doing with this story arc and the direction he wants it to go (hopefully not forced into another crossover!). There is enough action, intrigue and mystery to keep you going from the first page to the last.

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