Review – The Silver Coin #7

Review – The Silver Coin #7

Review – The Silver Coin #7

Writer: Ram V

Artist: Michael Walsh

Shiny Thing: Chris Hampton & Gavin Fullerton

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 8th December 2021

Variant Artist: Gax Vallez

Review – The Silver Coin #7


From creator, MICHAEL WALSH and RAM V (Swamp Thing, BLUE IN GREEN) hit horror anthology THE SILVER COIN heads to the land of jackpots and washouts.

For the first time in his life, Lou Prado is on a winning streak. Maybe it’s the new casino or maybe it’s the lucky coin in his pocket, but all of a sudden, Loser Lou’s bets can’t go wrong. He’s about to make the gamble of his life and the stakes are deadly high atop the Tzompanco.

Writer: Ram V

The silver Coin has been an interesting anthology with each writer stamping their pedigree on it and why not finish the year with one of the best, Ram V? In Las Vegas a down on his luck gambler finally turns the corner and wins at slots, but within his haul is the eponymous coin. What follows is an interesting parallel between the culture of the Aztec people and Casinos. Most of the issue is narrated from the Casino owner’s point of view showing how sacrifices were the highest honour in society, but that the victim must come of their own volition.

Ram stabs at the heart (ahem) of gambling and how some willingly sacrifice themselves on the altar for the sake of a few coins.

Artist: Michael Walsh

Walsh’s horror masterpiece continues with stunning artwork (the two-page orgy scene is both pornographic and sad, overlayed with pictures of the Aztecs preparing for death while the volunteer.) Its visceral and shocking finale would not look out of place in any art gallery and it’s the perfect way to close 2021 on this surprising series.

Overall Thoughts

V and Walsh elevate this horror series to another level, exploring gambling addiction, free will and sacrifice. Lou is a tragic victim but is sucked in by a turn in his luck turning his back on friends, family and eventually life for a few fleeting seconds as a winner.

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