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Review – Wonder Girl # 1

Wonder Girl # 1 Cover by Joelle Jones

Wonder Girl # 1

Writer: Joelle Jones

Art: Joelle Jones

Publisher: DC Comics

Release date: 18th May 2021

Wonder Girl # 1 is the first in a new series of comics by DC. We all know Wonder Woman, and if you are reading this then you are probably fans of Wonder Girls previous inceptions.
Now we have another Amazonian legend, from the actual Amazon. The character introduction in The Future State series was well received so I was excited to read this comic. A female artist, writer and a woman of colour as the protagonist to boot; the first in the Wonder Woman/Girl franchise; about time!

In The Beginning There Was… An Air Hostess???

We start with, what is for me, a bit of an obvious attempt to be clever with the writing. It was unnecessary and if anything, totally distracting from the beautiful art. Yara Flor is introduced as a young child in a dramatic scene, with the voice over of an air hostess giving out the pre flight safety briefing. It was an attempt at a flash back, whilst the young adult version of Yara Flor is on an Airplane on route to Brazil.
It’s unclear wether this is the character having a flash back of memory or just a scene for the reader to know about. However, sadly for me it didn’t work. The art work is incredible, it’s let down by the lack of succinct writing that follows the art. We do discover Yara has been bought up by a relative in Idaho, she has come to Brazil to find out more about her parents heritage.

Sadly We Continue In The Same Vein!

We follow Yara on a Heritage tour as she traces her way around the sites of her parents home country. We flash forwards, backwards and sideways, this confuses the narrative and breaks what little rhythm the story was finding. The snippets seems to come totally randomly.

The story doesn’t really go anywhere and I am left wondering what I have just read, was it a modern story of feminine strength? No, at times she is head strong and she does reprimand “our boy Kevin” the vlogger. However, she ignorantly flaunts her very attractive body in front of her tour bus driver. In a kind of Paris Hilton esq, pretend to be dumb fashion. This distracts the seedy bloke who admits he is oogling her.

We know she is attractive from the art work. Therefore, why do we still have to write this totally detracting rubbish into the story and for whose gratification? It adds nothing to the narrative, it’s a short work, therefore, why fill it full of nothing?
It has so much promise but has fallen at the first for me. I am hoping the story gets better and comes together in later editions because right now, I am not happy. Mostly, because it could truly tell a story, show important strengths and new facets for this character. Especially with a heritage that demands care in the writing. I am concerned this will not be handled well from this first book.

The Art

The one saving grace is the Art, it’s incredible and utterly beautiful. Which is why it was unnecessary to explain, backarsewardly, how attractive Yara is in the narrative.
The art, unlike the text, ebbs and flows seamlessly. Truly outstanding work that grips us by the eye balls and the heart, it just makes us swoon. The upsetting childhood trauma scenes are dark, dramatic and emotional. Thus where the writing failed the story, in this, the first scene the art just soars. You have to look at the comic just for the art, honestly, it’s epic.

To Conclude…

Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I realise this new storyline has to start somewhere, I just feel it had no soul or flow. As a result, focused more on being clever than actually telling a story. The format, for me, was all wrong.
I hope it can come together in the next instalment and get its storyline on one timeline without jumping around. It’s worth the buy for the artwork alone. I am praying to whatever comic writing gods that will listen, that the story develops and has a more meaningful narrative next time and throughout the series.
Sadly, this one hasn’t worked for me. The Art alone could have told the story, with a big of giggery pokery with the structure. However, sadly the text didn’t work for me.
Look, I am but one idiot reading a book. I know lots of reviews and ratings are positive, with men especially, who are already in love with Yara. However, if you look a little deeper the story so far, needs work. It has the makings of something very different and interesting so here’s hoping it can all come together.

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