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Review – Savage Circus: Chapter One

Savage Circus Chapter One
Savage Circus: Chapter One is a Heavy Metal Elements comic written by Brendan Columbus with illustrations and colouring by Al Barrionuevo & Candice Han, released in 2020.


You better watch out, you better not fright. The power’s gone out this Silent Night. Savage Circus is coming to town. With a menacing menagerie of monsters barrelling down the tracks of Pennsylvania, one small town of Basin Bay sits in quiet power cut blackness on Christmas Eve, unaware of the attractions they’ll meet.


Barrionuevo’s artwork throughout is wholly cinematic in it’s framing and storyboarding, making for a blissfully grim accompaniment to Columbus’ grimacingly blissful storytelling. As well as this, he manages to capture the inner humanity of beasts while showing the primitive indulgence skulking around inside of man.

Savage Circus Chapter One

Set in a Christmas pageant of a town with a locomotive menagerie fast approaching, Han will have had a lot of fun hanging up this illusively decorative colour palette of festive ferocity; the red and greens of a Christmas Tree giving the reader Vietnam flashbacks of a blood-soaked jungle.


Right from the get go, Columbus shows a unique eye for imaginative storytelling, especially in regards to the human condition. It’s seldom obvious to predict where the story is going to go. On a grand scale it is brilliantly refreshing, however on a smaller scale it can bewilder readers into an adjustment period to fully grasp the motives of certain characters.

Savage Circus Chapter One

Columbus does a great job of bringing a multitude of simultaneous elements and themes of a story together, especially throughout the Silent Night scene.


In conclusion, Savage Circus: Chapter One is a surprisingly outlandish story that hits all the marks of intrigue and mystique while remaining exciting and engaging. The train has barely left the station and it’s already picking up steam!

Usually in my reviews I like provide comparisons where I can to entice new readers but honestly, I can’t think of a single comparison that would do this comic justice. You’ll just need to buy a ticket, climb aboard and join the Savage Circus.

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Savage Circus: Chapter One, your favourite Christmas themed comics and of course what else you would like to see us review here at BGCP!

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