Savage Circus: Chapter Three Comic Reviews 

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Three

SUMMARY With Christmas Eve ruined for the festive town of Basin Bay after being blacked out by bandits and bulldozed by a bedlam of behemoths, there’s only one man who can save the town in time for Christmas Day. Deputy Brady Harrison steps up and suits up for a Red Christmas. ART A sweet but ultimately fruitless festive device is… Read More
Savage Circus: Chapter Two Comic Reviews 

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Two

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Two, Heavy Metal Elements comic written by Brendan Columbus with illustrations and colouring by Al Barrionuevo & Candice Han. SUMMARY The circus is in town with a truly explosive and savage opening night, one that the people of Basin Bay will never forget. As the town’s awe and whimsy turns to awful whimpering, Ricketts and… Read More
Savage Circus Chapter One Comic Reviews 

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter One

SUMMARY You better watch out, you better not fright. The power’s gone out this Silent Night. Savage Circus is coming to town. With a menacing menagerie of monsters barrelling down the tracks of Pennsylvania, one small town of Basin Bay sits in quiet power cut blackness on Christmas Eve, unaware of the attractions they’ll meet. ART Barrionuevo’s artwork throughout is… Read More