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Review – Batman: The Detective #3

Batman: The Detective #3
Batman: The Detective #3 is a DC comic written by Tom Taylor with illustrations, colouring and inks by Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson & Sandra Hope, released in June 2021.

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After a rough encounter in Paris with Equilibrium and an old friend and mentor on his death bed, Batman reminisces on his cowl-less days of tutelage with Ducard on the art of espionage and reflects on the mistakes and trauma of their unlikely friendship, reminding him to always have allies.

Batman: The Detective #3


With the main story taking a backseat to Batman’s history in Europe, Kubert and Anderson get to reimagine earlier classic iterations of Batman’s costume as demonstrate the contrast of a grizzled veteran of vigilance with the born yesterday playboy billionaire.

Batman: The Detective #3

Similar to that of the animated series, it looks as though a coffee stained Paris of greys, browns and acidic blues from Anderson has been painted atop a black canvas by Hope, making for a charmingly dark setting. A perfect Renaissance for reconnaissance.


Taylor is finally getting into the origins of Batman’s espionage skills and it’s a viscerally challenging journey for the psyche of the Caped Crusader. The beauty of this story is that Bruce Wayne, in his early days, makes mistakes and pays for them; not always with money. This is made all the more interesting with a charmingly obtuse student & master dynamic between Wayne and Ducard.

Batman: The Detective #3


In conclusion, Batman: The Detective #3, while deviating from the plot at hand, provides a strong and satisfying backstory that is derivative enough for even the most casual of Batman fans to understand. When combined with the setting of a Lupinesque backdrop of Paris however, it becomes an undeniably gorgeous and gothic addition to the Batman mythos.

With artwork worthy of the Louvre itself and a Sherlock Holmesian dose of unyielding character dissection, this comic puts the Detective in Batman: The Detective.

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