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First look at new PSVR 2 controllers

First look at new PSVR 2 controllers
Pictured: The new version of the PlayStation VR controller.

First look at new PSVR 2 controllers

Sony has dropped an image giving gamers a first look at the new design of the PlayStation VR 2 controllers. The new version of the controllers will use a combination of finger tracking through the use of the PS5’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to provide “a much deeper sense of presence and stronger feeling of immersion in VR experiences.”

Revealed in a PlayStation Blog post, the new iteration of the controllers leave behind the antiquated style of the PlayStation Move wand design, replacing it with a more ergonomic and user-friendly design that will allow the peripheral to wrap around the player’s hands. This makes the controllers more of an extension of the players limb rather than a chunky remote. The new controllers follow an “orb” shaped aesthetic, not unlike the Oculus Touch controller. This design allows for a more natural fit for users.

The controller will adopt some new features in terms of a PSVR controller. It will borrow a fair amount of the best features featured in the PS5 DualSense. These will include the Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback which help to bolster immersion and add tension to the player’s inputs.

Finger touch detection will also be a feature that is implemented. This feature is similar a feature present in Valve’s Knuckle controllers essentially meaning that the controller will be able to detect your fingers without the need to actually press any buttons. Sony claims that this will allow for “more natural gestures” during gameplay sessions.

The new controllers will also feature a tracking ring at the base of the device, which will be tracked by the PlayStation VR 2 headset rather than the PlayStation Camera. Each respective controller will include an analogue stick, a grip button, a trigger button and two button inputs. The left controller will also feature a Create button and the right controller will include the Options button.

Sony have said that prototypes of these new devices “will be in the hands of the development community soon,” adding that there is “still so much to share about the next-generation of VR on PS5.”

PSVR 2 was officially announced last month in February this year. In the announcement post, we learned that the new headset will connect to the PS5 using a single wire and will feature a better resolution and field of view. Sony also said that it wouldn’t launch anytime in 2021. You can read our full recap of that announcement here.

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