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The Witcher: Old World Board Game Announcement

A new board game set in the World of the Witcher arriving to Kickstarter in May 2021.
the witcher board game

CD Projekt Red the successful company behind the Witcher games and Cyberpunk 2077 announced earlier this year that they’re planning on releasing a new board game called The Witcher: Old World this May. In cooperation with GO ON BOARD and Łukasz Woźniak as the designer (famous for Valhalla and Titans), the Witcher: Old World is going to be a competitive action-adventure board game, full of immersive choices and excitingly fresh mechanics.

The Witcher: Old World

First of all, according to the game’s website: The Witcher: Old World is intended for 2-5 people and takes place long before times of Geralt of Rivia. Players take on a role of professional monster slayers who recently completed their brutal training in one of the witcher schools: School of Wolf, Viper, Cat, Bear or Griffin.

Become a witcher, take on contracts, slain monsters, win brawls with your fellow witcher friends, play dice poker and fulfil quests. Each witcher school will give you a unique deck of cards with different abilities. Use them wisely to get your abilities to the highest level and find a way to keep the peace in the Continent. However, you can still be competitive with your friends while playing. The first witcher to win 4-6 trophies can win the game!

While you’ll definitely get to explore the universe of the Witcher franchise, your favourite characters like Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer or Triss will be absent. On the other hand, you might be able to meet (and slain) familiar monsters and learn more about the popular game’s history. The possibilities are endless! Except creating a female witcher, because that’s not an option (at least not just yet).

the witcher board game
The Gameplay

When it comes to the mechanics, the game will let players decide between two options that are presented to them, after they read what is happening in the scenario. Every turn, you will be able to choose between a quest in the city or in the surroundings. Meanwhile, you’ll have the option to help someone or just avoid the possible encounter and reach your quest’s destination. Helping someone will cost you time and health but it will boost your honour. In addition, after you achieve reaching your destination you will get more cards and choose again how you wish to continue.

Most importantly, considering it’s a card game, you’ll have to find ways to form the best card combo extensions so you can upgrade your character and his abilities. Card management through the whole game is extremely important. However, the cost of the cards doesn’t really matter, ’cause you will need to come up with a strategy on which card to pick to succeed your combo extensions. To sum up, the Witcher: Old World is going to be a complex yet exciting board game full of strategic decisions and choices.

In conclusion, according to the game’s website: The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will begin in May 2021 and will offer the community a chance to have a significant impact on the contents of the game, as well as the stories it features. The Witcher: Old World is currently scheduled to be released in April 2022. At this point, the game is planned to be released in English and Polish, but other language versions are being negotiated.

You can also signup to be notified when the launch on Kickstarter goes live.

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