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There Are More Than 25 Exclusive PS5 Games Currently In Active Development

PS5 games

A recent report has revealed that PlayStation Studios are hard at work in developing an astounding amount of exclusives for its PS5 console across multiple genres and franchises.

A total of 25 PS5 games in fact.

The launch of the current generation consoles has been anything but normal. The Covid-19 pandemic shook the core of the videogame distribution process in a multitude of unprecedented ways. Supply shortages across the globe are making it infuriatingly hard for fans to actually get their hands on a physical console. Since the respective consoles launched, online marketplaces have allowed scalpers and bots to become much more prevalent across the entire market.

Whilst the launch line-up of PS5 games was fairly varied and impressive, many players still feel that there is not all that much that a PS5 console can do that a PS4 can not. Obviously there are a number of games exclusively available on PS5 consoles, but the vast majority of titles releasing in upcoming months are still tied by the need to also be playable on last generation consoles.

Well, it sounds as though that mentality is going to change pretty soon, as Sony have recently revealed that they are working hard to develop a plethora of titles only available on the PlayStation 5. This recent revelation comes directly from Herman Hullst, who is the head of PlayStation Studios. According to the industry titan, there are 25+ PS5 exclusives currently in the works. And that is just the games being developed under the PlayStation Studios umbrella alone.


Going into a bit more detail, Hullst goes on to state that this upcoming slew of games will offer a good amount of variety. A number of them will be major AAA releases, whilst others will be of a smaller scale. There will also be a good amount of diversity in terms of these games’ genres, however that still is not even the most exciting part. Hullst states that around half of the 25 titles currently in development for the PS5 are all brand new, never before seen IPs.

PS5 games

In terms of what all of these titles could be, it is currently anyone’s guess. Whilst certain players do love to see sequels to their favourite franchises, we have seen some incredible brand new IP appear across the last few years. Hopefully, we may get a reveal of some of the new IPs at Sony’s virtual E3 conference next month.

Although fans will have to wait until the new respective series are unveiled by Sony to start truly speculating about them, there are a number of other Sony exclusive games that fans would love to see sequels to. We already know that there are sequels to Ratchet and Clank and the Horizon: Zero Dawn in the works, however there are clearly a good few more yet to be revealed.

We also shouldn’t forget about Sony’s well-established special relationship with independent studios that are developing games exclusively for the PS5. A recent major example of this being Housemarque’s Returnal, which was a PS5 exclusive developed by a studio that is not a Sony first party developer.

All of this information points to a bright future for the PlayStation 5, and more good news came along with it with Sony reaffirming that they are working hard to replenish supply shortages and combat scalpers. Hopefully, it will not be too much longer before these issues are a thing of the past and more gamers will be able to experience the glory of the next generation.

Let us know in the comments below if you have managed to get your hands on a PS5 yet and let us know what you make of this latest news. It certainly has me excited, but we want to hear from you! What kind of exclusives would you like to see announced for the PS5?

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