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Venom – Let There Be Carnage Delayed again

Venom 2 Delayed

Venom 2 Delayed

The summer of Carnage will have to be postponed as Venom – Let There Be Carnage has been pushed back. Originally meant to be released 2nd October 2020 but due to the pandemic was pushed back to 25th June 2021. It may not come as surprise with the ongoing restrictions in place, as it is unlikely that by June cinemas will be open to full capacity. Also many films have been delayed and the overlapping of releases will have impacted this decision. The film will now be released 17th September 2021.

Tom Hardy will be reprising the role of Eddie Brock/Venom. In the mid credits of Venom (2018) fans were introduced to Woody Harrelson as serial killer Cletus Kasady/Carnage. From the comics we know Cletus Kasady becomes Carnage after merging with the offspring of Venom during a prison breakout. However, there has been no trailer released so we can only speculate if they will keep this origin. Hopefully we will get a trailer soon to get more of an idea what the story will be. With another delay in release it would please fans to at least get a peek although it is likely that this will be delayed further too.

The sequel has been directed by Andy Serkis replacing Reuben Fleischer who directed Venom. This was due to scheduling as Fleischer was working on Zombieland:Double Tap. Michelle Williams will be reprising the role of Eddies ex-girlfriend Anne Weying. The film has also cast Naomie Harris to play the role of Carnage’s love interest Shriek. Stephen Graham and Sean Delaney also star in roles that are not yet known.

Venom 2 Delayed
Venom 2 Delayed

Let us know in the comments. Are you surprised Venom 2 has been delayed again? Will you be going to see it when it is released?

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