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Could we be about to see a Dead Space Revival?

Dead Space Revival?
Survival Horror at its finest

Could we be about to see a Dead Space Revival? Rumour has it that Electronic Arts are about to breath new life into the Dead Space series of videogames. Bringing it back from the proverbial ‘dead’, after what was a completely awful third instalment. And this would see a complete reboot of the whole series.

Despite developer Visceral Games shutting down in 2017, the aforementioned reboot is being developed by EA Motive who as you may know, worked on last year’s Star Wars Squadrons, which was well received by many.

The Survival Horror series enjoyed critical acclaim when it first launched for the PS3/X-Box 360 back in 2008 and garnered two sequels (Dead Space 2 & Dead Space 3) and two anime movie spin-offs (Dead Space Downfall & Dead Space Aftermath). Despite Dead Space 3 condemning the series to an early grave, Dead Space and its direct sequel Dead Space 2 are regarded as two of the greatest Survival Horror games.

Dead Space Revival?

Whilst there has been no official announcement, multiple sources including have reported that EA are working towards announcing the revival of an ‘Established fan favourite IP’. It was also reported by that the Dead Space would be a reimagining, rather than a direct sequel. Which if true, would delight fans of this franchise.

In a further twist, the official YouTube channel for the Dead Space franchise has updated it’s profile picture for the first time in nearly nine years. This may be nothing you say. But after eight years of inactivity and recent reports, this could be a nod towards things to come.

A Dead Space Revival may well be on the cards and certainly there is enough speculation to merit discussion. We look forward to seeing if we do get the coveted reboot. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter.

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