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Dead Space Remake Will Include Cut Content

Following a rumour that we reported on last month regarding a Dead Space Remake, EA have since confirmed that they will indeed be reviving the modern classic horror series. EA Motive will be the team heading up development on the remake of the original Dead Space, however this apparently won’t be a shot-for-shot remake of the 2008 creep-fest. Aside from the fact… Read More
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Everything We Could See At Sony’s Upcoming State Of Play Stream

Following Sony’s absence at E3 2021, many are expecting their next State Of Play stream to be announced imminently. During that stream, we are likely to see a few E3 level announcements from the company, as they aren’t going to let Microsoft throw the haymakers that they did during their E3 livestream, (where they announced a whopping eight new IP,)… Read More
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Could we be about to see a Dead Space Revival?

Could we be about to see a Dead Space Revival? Rumour has it that Electronic Arts are about to breath new life into the Dead Space series of videogames. Bringing it back from the proverbial ‘dead’, after what was a completely awful third instalment. And this would see a complete reboot of the whole series. Despite developer Visceral Games shutting… Read More