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Several MGS remakes in development?

Several MGS remakes in development?

Several MGS remakes in development?

An online leak has revealed that there are allegedly ‘several Metal Gear Solid remakes in active development’ as a result of a deal struck between Sony and Konami.

In the last few years, Konami have shown an growing disinterest in developing and publishing traditional video games. This has left a significant gap in the market and fans of Konami-owned franchises have been praying that their favourite IP’s get picked up by other developers. It has been consistently rumoured over recent months that Sony have been attempting to make some sort of deal with Konami to allow some of the Japanese publisher’s games to appear as console exclusives on the PlayStation 5. However, at the time of writing, nothing has been officially announced yet from either of the companies.

There has been one major Konami IP that has garnered more speculation that any other; Metal Gear Solid. There have been multiple leaks reported over the last year or so that claim that Bluepoint Games are working on a Metal Gear Solid remake for the PS5 at Sony’s request. However this recent leak suggests that there may be much more in development than just a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game. A leaker with the handle KatharsisT from Resetera has made a post claiming that there are in fact “several MGS Remakes in development.”

KatharsisT didn’t mention any more details about the alleged Metal Gear Solid remakes and it is also unclear exactly which of the games in the series are getting the remake treatment. It is entirely possible that all games in the MGS franchise are being remade from the ground up like what is apparently being done with the original game, however it is also entirely possible that the other MGS games are simply receiving a 4K facelift instead.

It should also be noted that KatharsisT failed to provide any evidence to back up these bold claims, therefore this news should be taken with a massive grain of salt until anything is announced officially. On the other hand though, this information would line up with the other leaks and rumours that have surrounded the Metal Gear Solid franchise recently. There is usually no smoke without fire, so I would not be surprised if we received some sort of announcement regarding the future of the MGS franchise sooner rather than later, possibly during Sony’s stream at this year’s E3 online event.

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It was also made public knowledge yesterday via Gematsu that Konami have renewed the trademarks for some of their key IP’s including Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania. However, it should be noted this doesn’t necessarily mean that new games in these respective series are on the way, as companies like Konami often renew expiring trademarks if they are still collecting royalties from them.

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