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Review – The Killer: Affairs Of The State #1

Review – The Killer: Affairs Of The State #1 Publisher: Boom! Studios Writers: Matz Artist: Luc Jacamon Letterer: Andworld Design Release Date: February 23rd 2022 I was dying to read The Killer: Affairs Of The State #1 for review after it dropped this week. A new original comic based around a hitman, which has already been confirmed to be getting a… Read More
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OVERVIEW Love Death + Robots: Volume 2 is the long awaited follow up to the shockingly dark animated anthology of short stories, brought to you by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and Seven’s David Fincher as well as Jennifer Miller and Josh Donen. The show is known for its masterful artistry, brutal violence, virtuosic genre diversity and very real ethical dilemmas of… Read More
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Review – Mindhunter

Review – Mindhunter Directed by: David Fincher & Tobias Lindholm Written by: Liz Hannah & Tobias Lindholm Produced by: Liz Hannah & David Fincher Starring: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany & Anna Torv Release Date: October 13th 2017 Mindhunter is a Netflix series set in the late 70’s. It follows two FBI detectives as they embark to learn more about serial killers… Read More
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Earlier today, Netflix dropped the first trailer for a brand-new season of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS by David Fincher & Tim Miller. Volume One was released in March of 2019 to a divisive but overall praiseworthy reception. Beginning as a cool and gritty collaborative compendium of animation before suddenly morphing into a viciously violent and nightmarish sci-fi anthology on the… Read More