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Review – Radiant Black #8

Review – Radiant Black #8

Review – Radiant Black #8

Writers: Kyle Higgins/Melissa Flores

Artist: Marcelo Costa/Eleonora Carlini

Colourist: Rod Fernandes

Letterer: Becca Carey

Editor: Michael Busuttil

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 22nd September 2021

Variant Covers:  Felipe Watanabe, Tyler Kirkham, Jose Carlos


The battle for the Radiants tears through Chicago. Can this unlikely new team stand against an enemy who knows more about their powers than they do? And even if they win…what happens next?

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Writers: Kyle Higgins

Black and Purple have teleported to Moscow but with her power depleted they need to go incognito until she can replenish her energy.

Meanwhile, we get a flashback to when 001 (the big baddie) was almost destroyed in some sort of space battle, he manages to get back to his craft repair his mask and head off to earth.

In Russia, Marshall manages to steal a blanket and some coffees to help Purple get her energy back, but are confronted by a very confused Russian couple who want to know why they’d steal something as stupid, thankfully they don’t need to answer and transport back to assist Red and Yellow take on 001.

001’s energy is depleted and he/it has been trapped by them in an energy prison made of trees and red suit energy. But 001 uses their powers to recharge his suit and using a sword slices through Red. Close to death, she manages to absorb both the Blade and some of 001 allowing her to generate her force armour. Panicking 001 explodes an energy blast that level’s the area.

Black and Purple arrive just in the knick of time but 001 is ready to take them out when….ah’ll need to buy the issue to find out

Higgins uses the issue to add meat to 001’s backstory and power making the four Radiant’s look like amateurs. They really are only using a minimal amount of the power and abilities of their suits and it will be interesting to see how they upskill quickly to new threats.

Artist: Marcelo Costa

Costa makes use of every available inch in this issue cramming panels within panels and developing 001 as something alien from everything else in the story. The lettering and colouring by Carey and Fernandes are on point with the eery speech lettering employed adding another alien dimension to his depiction.

Overall Thoughts

001’s backstory and character development are at the core of this issue and the few pages in Russia do seem jarring and slow compared to the rest of the issue. Thankfully it’s not long before we are back in action for a shocking finale to the battle with 001. The final page and four panels set’s up the next part of the story and hints at more villains and heroes joining the series.

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