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Review – Bunny Mask #4

Review – Bunny Mask #4

Review – Bunny Mask #4

Story: Paul Tobin

Art: Andrea Mutti

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Aftershock Comics 

Available: 22nd August 2021

Variant Covers: Ingrid Gala

Issue 4 (Final Story of Series 1)

When the Snitch speaks, the truth isn’t just out there, it’s inside your head, gnawing at your sanity and seeping through the walls of your world. On the verge of absolute madness, Tyler and Sheriff Tate return to the cave where it all began, where the Snitch was given voice, and where Bunny Mask was set free. Will Bunny Mask help Tyler save himself, and, if so, what unthinkable price will she ask?

Story: Paul Tobin

Tyler is surrounded by wolf-like creatures in Bunny Mask’s cave but she easily manages to turn them to dust and with a quick flick of her tongue she heals his wounds. Another quick flick and they’re naked getting some human on elder god action.

With another blink, Tyler is back with Sheriff Tate and they head off back to the cave to get some answers from The Snitch. Tate asks Tyler if he can hear his confessions as he can’t hear Tyler, he lies that he can even as they spill out of his head.

Tobin turns in a bizarre plot in this issue with ghost dogs, cave teeth and sex with a god but like Tyler, it provides more questions than answers. But like a good whiskey every time you return to it it gets better with age.

Art: Andrea Mutti

Mutti and the colouring and Lettering team soak up Tobin’s bizarre script (he apologises in the issue for the script and offers unlimited beer for their suffering) but the world of Bunny Mask leaves a dull headache after reading with the pale, almost dirty tones throughout giving the feeling of rot or death.

Overall Thoughts

In the finale of this issue, I leave with a headache and a need for whiskey. Was it all a dream? Who or what is Bee? Do you pay child support on a Demigod? Are humans the figments of older gods dreams and nightmares?

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I hoped you’ve enjoyed my review of Bunny Mask Issue #4

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