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Review – Swine OGN

Review - Swine OGN

Review – Swine OGN

Writer: Tyrone Finch

Artist: Mauricet

Colourist: Lee Loughridge

Publisher: Humanoids Publishing

Release Date: October 6, 2021

Pages: 145

Distributed by Simon & Schuster

My name is Legion, for we are many..

Ellis Rafferty spent seven years in prison after being wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife. Now released on parole, he seeks to avenge her death and atone for his past mistakes. Joining forces with his sister-in-law, they hit the road to take on the most pernicious threat in human history: Pigs. Pigs possessed by bloodthirsty, cunning, and immortal beings since the time of Jesus, and they are Legion.

Ellis and Zoey travel across America to put a stop to the pigs’ murderous rampage, creating plenty of carnage in their wake, in this supernatural crime thriller story with a dark comedy cream filling.

Writer: Tyrone Finch

Finch is well known for his work on Ahoy comics as well as the TV work on shows such as Grays Anatomy and Station 19. How those two shows relate to the world of Swine is provided in a foreword by John Rogers, creator of shows like Librarians and work on Transformers. Finch loves weird facts and Rogers relates a lunch that they shared where Finch put himself behind Jesus’ famous exorcism into a herd of pigs.

This is how the story begins but we ten pan down and watch that not all drowned and now filled with demons, they immortally travel the Earth causing chaos where ever they can. Two thousand years later we find Zoey’s at a parole board for Ellis, her sister’s murderer and husband.

Following Ellis she finds him threatening pigs at a carnival and decides to shoot him for revenge, the book then flips the story to a genre-defying supernatural thriller. We have talking pigs, chimaera pigs and pig pigs! It’s a pork fest that feels over way too soon.

Artwork: Mauricet

The artwork and colouring in Swines could have gone down the hilarious or ludicrous route but Belgian artist Mauricet carefully tightropes the weird and wonderful world of pigs to give us an action-packed adventure that leans into the weird without sacrificing the action.

Overall Thoughts

For fans of Supernatural, this is an easy sell. A whole 145-page book killing demonic pigs coupled with a love story of two Legion pigs separated by time and err..body. Buy it, put your feet up and sit back with a beer while you enjoy the ride.

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