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Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Three

Savage Circus: Chapter Three
Savage Circus: Chapter Three is a Heavy Metal Elements comic written by Brendan Columbus with illustrations and colouring by Al Barrionuevo & Candice Han


With Christmas Eve ruined for the festive town of Basin Bay after being blacked out by bandits and bulldozed by a bedlam of behemoths, there’s only one man who can save the town in time for Christmas Day. Deputy Brady Harrison steps up and suits up for a Red Christmas.

Savage Circus: Chapter Three


A sweet but ultimately fruitless festive device is the blacked out town being lit up purely by Christmas lights as opposed to a backup generator. A really cool and funny idea that just isn’t executed effectively. For one we can see the town perfectly during the blackout and secondly, the lights don’t make the setting any brighter or more colourful.

Savage Circus: Chapter Three

Barrionuevo’s savagery is missing from this issue to make way for the story’s character development. Aside from a few really nice panels of artwork, the illustrations are underwhelming given what preceded it.


Columbus takes a backseat from the prime carnage to tick all the boxes of a great story in this one issue of Savage Circus; humor, action, horror, romance, and a twist to boot! All circling the development of our Basin Bay bystanders.

Savage Circus: Chapter Three

That being said, the development of said characters feels a little muted or distant. I think it’s the issue of a wider plotdent in action horror stories which is sentimental character growth overtaking the reality of a current catastrophic situation. A deeper dive on the ringleader himself would perhaps make up for this. I’m way more interested in how the Lewis Savage Circus came to be over Deputy daddy issues.


In conclusion, Savage Circus: Chapter Three hits a snag on the tracks and sets the finale down a slippery slope of mediocre melodrama rather than a mighty massacre. With tedious talking and meaningless misfires in its artwork, this train is quickly running out of steam. The show must go on for one last hurrah!

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Savage Circus: Chapter Three and be sure to read our reviews for Chapter One & Chapter Two!

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