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Star Trek 4 Is A Go!

Star Trek 4

Last year, we reported on a rumour regarding Star Trek 4 potentially being released in 2023. This rumour has since been confirmed by J.J. Abrams and Paramount executive Brian Robbins via the Paramount investor’s event on Tuesday the 15th of February.

The new film will be a sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond and will feature the core crew from the first three movies in the series. Although individual casting deals have yet to be made, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldaña and John Cho are all expected to return for the new movie. The film is slated to arrive in cinemas on the 22nd of December 2023.

There weren’t many other details revealed with regards to the project, other than who is lined up to direct the movie. Wandavision and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia director Matt Shakman will helm the new Star Trek film based on a script written by Josh Friedman, Cameron Squires, Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

This is likely welcome news for most Trekkies out there. Matt Shakman’s recent work on Wandavision was nothing short of phenomenal and he was also the mastermind behind the fantastic, ‘Charlie Work’ episode of IASIP. And let us not forget that Shakman is also responsible for this iconic TV moment:

Star Trek 4

Fans of the classic sci-fi series have been waiting on news regarding Star Trek 4 for a while now. Back in 2018, it was reported that Noah Hawley, (Legion, Fargo,) was lined up to direct a time travel story that would feature Chris Pine as Kirk and Chris Hemsworth reprising the role of James’ father from the first movie in the series. However, those plans subsequently fell through.

There were also rumours that legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was interested in having a crack at a Star Trek film at one point, though that potential project sadly never came to pass.

Whilst the output of big screen Star Trek projects has been fairly sparse in the last few years, Star Trek Discovery and Picard have been doing a good job of keeping the franchise alive on the small screen via various streaming services.

In addition to making the Star Trek 4 announcement, the Paramount investor’s day also brought with it a few other notable announcements. One of these announcements revealed that the long-running tattoo competition series Ink Master is set to return to our screens imminently.

Another exciting announcement that came from the day was the confirmation that A Quiet Place Part III is in development. The sci-fi/horror sequel will once again be directed by John Krasinski and will release sometime in 2025. A third Sonic the Hedgehog movie was also confirmed.

What do you make of the news that we are finally getting Star Trek 4? Are you pleased that the original cast members are set to return? Are you hoping that Chris Hemsworth will join the crew as Kirk’s father? Let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE 24/2: So it turns out that Paramount have pretty much painted themselves into a corner by announcing this project too soon. Essentially, they got somewhat carried away at the Paramount Investors day and announced this movie in order to impress their shareholders before any cast contracts have been negotiated.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the rest of the cast were reportedly just as surprised as we were to hear news of another Star Trek movie sequel. No one had spoken to them or their agents about it prior to the announcement being made.

This means that they can essentially negotiate whatever salary they fancy in order to reappear as their respective characters, given that Paramount have already announced that the cast will be returning and to go back on that promise now would be a disappointment to any high-roller investors.

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