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Star Trek 4 Is A Go!

Last year, we reported on a rumour regarding Star Trek 4 potentially being released in 2023. This rumour has since been confirmed by J.J. Abrams and Paramount executive Brian Robbins via the Paramount investor’s event on Tuesday the 15th of February. The new film will be a sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond and will feature the core crew from… Read More
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New Star Trek Movie Scheduled For 2023 Release

It’s been five years since a Star Trek movie hit theatres. Now, the wait might finally be over, as Paramount has announced a new Star Trek movie is scheduled for a 2023 release. There have been many speculations on what the next big-screen adventure in the franchise will include. Paramount Pictures announced a new instalment in the Star Trek franchise… Read More

First Look at Janeway in STAR TREK: PRODIGY

Hologram Captain Janeway? On First Contact day we got out first Look at the new Captain Janeway in STAR TREK: PRODIGY and we have set our faces to stun! The kids-friendly show was originally planned for Nickelodeon, will premier on the new US Streaming network Paramount Plus. Star Trek: Prodigy is officially confirmed to take place in the Delta Quadrant — the… Read More
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New Transformers Film Finds Director

Rumours have emerged that director of HBO Max’s ‘Charm City Kings’, Angel Manuel Soto will direct a new Transformers movie for Paramount according to The Hollywood Reporter. Currently there are no story details on the new film, but according to the report, Soto’s film will be separate from Paramount’s primary Transformers franchise, including Michael Bays films and Travis Knight’s Bumblebee… Read More