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State Of Play October 27th – What We Can Expect To See

State Of Play October

Sony have announced that their latest State of Play event will be live-streamed tomorrow on October 27th. In the statement that the company released to go along with the announcement of the event, they made it abundantly clear that this will not be a show on par with their recent PlayStation Showcase event.

Instead, we will apparently see a focus on announcements of new third-party titles, as well as updates on previously announced projects. The stream will also only last around twenty minutes in total and therefore we are likely only going to see five or six games being shown.

The exact blog post from the Japanese publisher reads; “We will share new looks at previously announced games, plus a few reveals from our partners around the world.” In other words, don’t expect any mind-blowing content or industry-shaking reveals.

So, what can we expect to actually see on show? My first thought was an updated look at Hogwarts Legacy. From what we have heard so far, the fantasy RPG based on the popular children’s series of books is probably the biggest third-party title currently in development. I think that this Avalanche title will be the primary focus of the stream and I don’t see anything else being announced to upstage it.

My second assumption is that we see some more of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition from Rockstar. The first trailer for the anticipated remaster dropped earlier in the week and was pretty brief on details. This, paired with the fact that the game is due to drop next month would suggest that Rockstar will want to get as many eyes on it as possible before launch.

“A day of updates,” has already been announced for Call of Duty: Vanguard, so I would expect that any reveals that are going to be dropped regarding that game’s release won’t take place here. I also would not put any money on seeing anything related to PlayStation VR.

Besides that, I guess they could show something regarding Final Fantasy XVI and other than that I expect only to see updates and reveals for smaller titles. I’d expect at least an indie game or two to be announced along with a few updates to those previously announced in the past.

The only other significant thing I can think of that may be shown is the PS Plus lineup for next month. It is usually announced on the last Wednesday of every month, which is when this stream is taking place. This is also the first month in the last six that the lineup hasn’t been leaked prior to the official announcement.

What do you expect to see on show during this State of Play for October 2021? Are you still looking forward to watching, even if it is a more low-key event with a duration of just 20 minutes? Are there any particular titles that you are wanting to see an update for? Let us know in the comments below.

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