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Review – Netflix’s Trese Season One

SUMMARY Set in the present day Philippines, Alexandra Trese is the sixth child of the sixth child, the binding presence of a harmonious agreement between the human world and the underworld. With this peaceful accordance in place, Trese has friends in low places as well as supernatural powers to help her with investigations of a demonically discordant nature. ANIMATION Initially… Read More
Chasing The Dragon #1 Comic Reviews 

Review – Chasing The Dragon #1

SUMMARY Chasing The Dragon #1 is the first trip in a brand new comic series written by New York Times Bestseller, Denton J. Tipton with painted artwork from Menton3.  In a bleak and haunting existence such as this, sometimes the only solitude from slavery and sacrilege is in the form of a dragon’s blood to take the edge off. But… Read More