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How LOKI Broke and Fixed Us

As season 1 of Loki wraps up with a mindbending finale, there’s one beautiful detail hiding underneath the surface throughout the series; how Loki broke and fixed us. HOT TAKE ON THAT SHOCKING LOKI FINALE! Okay, not really; more of a warm thought-provoking deep dive on the series and it’s symbolism. Spoilers! So, in the finale of the Disney+ series… Read More
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Marvel’s Loki Season 2 Announced

Marvel’s Loki Season 2 Announced, thanks to a teaser in the series finale credits. After the season 1 finale, “For All Time. Always.” patient fans who stayed through the credits would be rewarded with a confirmation of a second season. The teaser shows Loki’s TVA case file, which is then stamped with the message “Loki will return in Season 2”.… Read More