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How LOKI Broke and Fixed Us

As season 1 of Loki wraps up with a mindbending finale, there’s one beautiful detail hiding underneath the surface throughout the series; how Loki broke and fixed us.

How Loki Broke and Fixed Us

HOT TAKE ON THAT SHOCKING LOKI FINALE! Okay, not really; more of a warm thought-provoking deep dive on the series and it’s symbolism. Spoilers!

How Loki Broke and Fixed Us

So, in the finale of the Disney+ series LOKI, we are met with two options; an endless Orwellian nightmare of safety or the freeing nature of a chaotic multiverse war. We learn that He Who Remains is a liar tired of lying and a clairvoyant conqueror tired of knowing. A broken man alone in his castle façade waiting for chaos to ensue and make the choice for him. The multiverse is coming with an army of conquerors…and others are sure to follow through the branches. I have one question for you dear reader, what lies at the end of the Yellow Brick Road? Perspective.

The Art of Kintsugi

Those interested in Japanese culture or the works of Joseph Campbell may be familiar with the word or art of Kintsugi. For those that aren’t, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing. More specifically, it is the practice of mending broken or cracked pottery with gold to enhance its uniqueness or history. In a spiritual sense, it is the physical manifestation of resilience and true self. The light at the end of the tunnel, the battle scars on the face of a champion or even the branches of a broken timeline.

LOKI’s Use of Kintsugi

What does this have to do with Loki? Well looking back on the first season as a whole, the symbolism of Kintsugi is hiding in all the cracks (no pun intended). The castle walls (which was my first realisation), the amulet around He Who Remains’ wrist, the interior of the TVA, Sylvie’s suit, Loki’s armour and even the cracked timeline itself. We are told that the timeline has broken into branches, but what if it is gold cracking through the mould of what was already broken? What happens when this pot finally shatters into pieces and we are left with nothing but the underlying gold?  

How Loki Broke and Fixed Us

Loki himself throughout this series has been spiritually and emotionally smashed and has come out of it with a new perspective on his chaotic nature; his Ozymandian sense of self-important vengeance has rubbed off to reveal an innate sense of empathy and compassion for existence.

In conclusion, this could just be a convoluted fan theory, a clever set of clues left behind by the writers for Season 2 or something wholly new for the MCU’s next phase and a thank you to beloved fans with a battle of self-reflection and soul-searching that in the end leaves us scarred and beaten but nevertheless pure and wise with glorious purpose.

How Loki Broke and Fixed Us continues below

How Loki Broke and Fixed Us

Would be real nice to know if I made sense with this quick article and I’m not a mad man so please let me know your thoughts on this theory, the series as a whole and be sure to check out the recent Loki news below!

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