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Review – Bumblebee (2018)

Review – Bumblebee (2018) Directed by: Travis Knight Written by: Christina Hodson Produced by: Michael Bay Starring: Hailee Steinfeld & John Cena Release Date: December 24th 2018 (UK) When this movie dropped in late 2018, I never paid any attention to it. Everything in the Transformers series had been awful since the first movie and although I knew that Michael… Read More
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Review – Transformers Beast Wars #3

Review: Transformers Beast Wars #3Story: Erik BurnhamArt: Josh BurchamColours:  Josh Burcham Released: Wednesday 7th April 2021 Introduction Transformers Beast Wars is – forgive the choice of phrase – a strange beast when compared to the preceding forms the franchise took. Beast Wars and its immediate successor Beast Machines however form a certain maturation of the franchise both in the storytelling and the… Read More
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New Transformers Film Finds Director

Rumours have emerged that director of HBO Max’s ‘Charm City Kings’, Angel Manuel Soto will direct a new Transformers movie for Paramount according to The Hollywood Reporter. Currently there are no story details on the new film, but according to the report, Soto’s film will be separate from Paramount’s primary Transformers franchise, including Michael Bays films and Travis Knight’s Bumblebee… Read More
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Review – Transformers Devastation

Introduction Strange to think there was once a time when the Transformers franchise in one form or another wasn’t as widely prevalent as it is today. A time when although toylines and cartoons still existed, the fandom was mainly the province of older fans looking fondly on finite times passed. Outside of Conventions, there wasn’t even a comic due to… Read More
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Review – Transformers/Back To The Future Part 1

Review –  Transformers/Back To The Future Part 1 Publisher: IDW Publishing Writer: Cavan Scott Art: Juan Samu Colouring: David Garcia Cruz Release Date: December 2020 Going Back in Time! What do you get when you mix a transforming alien robot with a time travelling 1980’s sports car? Gigawatt, that’s what. For the first time ever two major franchises get together and… Read More