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Watch Dogs: Legion to Get Cross-Play

Watch Dogs: Legion Online. Showing four characters on a roof top in London.

In a news article I wrote around two weeks ago, Ubisoft announced that Online Mode was live. Well thanks to True Achievements & the Watch Dogs: Legion twitter, cross-play is to be added in a future update.

Replying on Twitter, the official account said that although cross-play and cross-gen play is not currently supported, the devs are working on bringing the feature “to the game with a later update.”

Although no timeline is set for when the cross-play update will go live, the news will surely be welcomed. Players have enjoyed exploring a semi-futuristic London in the newly released Online Mode. It also appears that a portion of the Online Mode, Tactical Op, won’t be releasing until March 23rd. On their website the dev team stated that it “identified an issue that can cause the game to crash…” 

Tactical Op, according to Ubisoft, is a series of endgame narrative missions for up to four players to complete co-operatively. Players will need to strategize with their team and ensure they have upgraded all of their gadgets to beat these missions. Certainly sounds like a challenge, that I’m sure fans will enjoy getting their teeth into.

Ubisoft announced future updates will include a new Invasion PvP, more co-op missions, free characters to play as and more. These will be released throughout this year. True Achievements also reached out to Ubisoft, asking if there would be any new achievements added to the game. So far, there are none but Ubisoft hasn’t ruled out the idea.

What are your thoughts on Watch Dogs: Legion cross-play? Are you excited to be able to play with friends across different platforms? I, for one, am certainly looking forward to it! Let us know below.
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