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New Infamous, Sly Cooper and Ghost Of Tsushima Games On The Way?

Infamous Sly Cooper

New entries in the Sly Cooper series, the Infamous franchise and the Ghost of Tsushima universe could be on their way according to a fairly credible industry insider with the Twitter handle: AccountNGT. This same user previously leaked news of Quantic Dream’s Star Wars: Eclipse before it was unveiled at the 2021 Playstation Showcase event. AccountNGT was also one of the first to report on a new Bioshock game being in development.

As always when it comes to rumours like these, I encourage everyone to take these claims with a grain of salt. I realise that AccountNGT has had a decent track record in terms of accuracy, but still nothing is set in stone as of yet.

Infamous and Sly Cooper

As I mentioned in my previous A Gander @ Gaming piece, it has been rumoured that Sony are planning a fairly significant showing for their State Of Play stream in March. Could a new Infamous and/or Sly Cooper game for PlayStation 5 possibly be revealed during that stream?

The above Tweet is the main reason being all of the current speculation, though this is not the first time that it has been rumoured that sequels to Infamous and Sly Cooper are in development. In October of 2021, another Twitter user with the handle: KrowNinja, made a claim that a new Sly Cooper title was in the stages of early development. The existence of new Infamous and Sly Cooper titles were later corroborated by a pretty will known industry insider who goes by Shpeshal_Nick.

AccountNGT later replied to their own tweet, speculating that a new Sly Cooper game could be revealed sometime in the latter half of this year. Could this possibly mean that a teaser trailer will be shown for the game at 2022’s PlayStation Showcase event in September?

At the time of writing, neither Sony or Sucker Punch Productions have officially announced anything, nor have they even hinted that they are gearing up to announce anything. Above, I mentioned the State Of Play livestream rumoured to drop this month, however AccountNGT did also make mention that the current conflict in the Ukraine could have affected the timing of this stream and could lead to a possible delay.

Ghost Of Tsushima

As if Sucker Punch didn’t have enough on their plate developing new entries in two of their past beloved franchises, their newest franchise also looks to be getting a new entry too! This news isn’t based on a leak via Twitter from an industry insider, but is instead based on some more concrete evidence.

Sucker Punch Productions recently updated their website and posted two brand new job openings. The titles and descriptions of these new roles strongly indicate that the Bellevue-based studio is gearing up to begin development on Ghost of Tsushima 2. It is also common for a studio to bulk out its staff as they head into the early stages of pre-production for a big project like this.

The specific roles that have led many to believe that the project they are recruiting for is indeed a sequel to 2020’s brilliant Ghost Of Tsushima are; Senior Combat Designer and Technical Combat Designer.

If that still comes across as somewhat vague, there is something within the respective descriptions of these roles, which tie them more directly to the samurai game. In the role requirements section of each post, the two roles both request that all potential candidates applying for the jobs have played through Ghost Of Tsushima on PS4 or PS5.

In case you happen to be reading this and thinking, “this sounds like it could be for me,” the rest of the role description reads as follows; “Prototype, polish, and balance player abilities, combat actions and progression items.” You can have a look at these positions and apply for them here.

Ghost of Tsushima first dropped exclusively for the PS4 back in July 2020. It enjoyed both critical and commercial success following its release. Following the release of the PS5 in late 2020, Ghost of Tsushima was subsequently ported to PS5 in the form of a Director’s Cut edition, which brought with it enhancements to both visuals and gameplay performance, as well as support for the PS5’s DualSense controller.

Although Sony have not yet announced any sort of full-blown sequel to the first game at the time of writing, given its vast financial success, it is frankly only a matter of time. Ghost of Tsushima is one of Sony’s most successful original IPs to emerge in years, therefore an announcement of a sequel is inevitable. The only question is how long we will have to wait before we hear about it.

What are your thoughts? Does the prospect of new Sly Cooper, Infamous and Ghost of Tsushima games excite you? If you could only choose one of the three, which one would you pick? Do you worry that Sucker Punch may be taking on more than they can handle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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