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Knights of The Old Republic Remake?

Remake Knights Old Republic

In yet another leak from the gaming industry, it has been revealed that a remake of Knights of The Old Republic is in the works.

A remake of Knights of the Old Republic has been rumoured since 2020 to have been in development. This new claim that the remake is real comes from a credible source; Jason Schreier.

During an appearance on the MinnMax show, Jason Schreier, (who used to work for Kotaku and now reports for Bloomberg,) confirmed that the remake is indeed very real. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to say much more about the project. It should also be noted that, while Schreier did give confirmation that the remake is actually in development, he did not confirm anything stated previous rumours regarding the game.

The remake will allegedly be developed by Aspyr, who developed the recent remake of Star Wars: Republic Commando, which we reported on earlier in the year. There have been a few conflicting reports claiming that BioWare is actually the developer handling the remake, however personally I would lean towards Aspyr being the team behind the project. The claims that BioWare are working on the remake are most likely just based on the fact that they were the developers of the original KOTOR games.

A fair amount of ex-BioWare employees have been recruited recently by Aspyr Media. This was one the main factors that lead to the KOTOR remake rumours first gaining traction and it is an element that helps to give even more credence to Schreier’s comments.

It is important to point out that while Schreier did imply that we will be getting a full remake of the first Knights of the Old Republic game, it could still be the case that what is being planned is simply a 4K remaster of the classic game. The various classic Star Wars games that Aspyr Media have put out thus far to modern platforms, have all been remasters rather than full remakes from the ground up.

Although I am excited by this news, as always with leaks, take everything above with a grain of salt. While Jason Schreier has been a consistently reliable source for the past few years, nothing is confirmed as of yet and therefore is subject to change. At the time of writing, none of the aforementioned parties have made any official comment. This story will be updated with any new information that is revealed down the line

Until then though, please let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in a remake of KOTOR?

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