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Was a Remake of MGS Cancelled By Konami in 2019?

It is quite possible that a Metal Gear Solid remake did enter production and was subsequently cancelled by Konami back in 2019. Former developer on the Metal Gear series, Ikuya Nakamura, has put out several tweets regarding an unannounced and previously secret project at Konami. One tweet in particular states that the now-cancelled project was in active development for a number… Read More
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Is A Remake Of MGS3 On The Way?

In all honestly, I was actually rather hesitant to report on this latest rumour of an MGS3 remake, as we have been getting a good number of Metal Gear Solid remake rumours as of late. However, in the days since this latest rumour of a remake of MGS3 first broke, it has been followed with some more concrete information. Specifically,… Read More
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New Predator Movie Wraps

The upcoming Predator movie from 10 Cloverfield Lane director, Dan Trachtenberg, has apparently wrapped filming if the Instagram account of the sci-fi sequel’s cinematographer is to be believed. Jeff Cutter announced via his Instagram¬†account that filming was complete on Predator: Skulls. This is apparently the new title of the movie, as it was previously simply titled “Skull.” Cutter’s Instagram post… Read More
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Dead Space Remake Will Include Cut Content

Following a rumour that we reported on last month regarding a Dead Space Remake, EA have since confirmed that they will indeed be reviving the modern classic horror series. EA Motive will be the team heading up development on the remake of the original Dead Space, however this apparently won’t be a shot-for-shot remake of the 2008 creep-fest. Aside from the fact… Read More
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Rumour: Legacy of Kain Remaster/Remake On The Way?

Square Enix had a pretty pathetic showing at their E3 livestream earlier this month, however there is a chance that they could still have something pretty significant up their sleeve. It could even be revealed later this year if a recent rumour is to be revealed. The beloved Legacy of Kain franchise has essentially been left hanging in limbo ever… Read More
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Review – Spyro Reignited Remake

Review – Spyro Reignited Remake Developer: Toys for Bob Publisher: Activision Genre: Platform Director: Dan Neil Release Date: 13/11/18 Is Spyro, everyone’s favourite purple dragon, worth revisiting? Think back to the heady days of the Playstation One and the times when you found yourself staring in open delight at what was the very pinnacle of technology for the time. All… Read More
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Several MGS remakes in development?

Several MGS remakes in development? An online leak has revealed that there are allegedly ‘several Metal Gear Solid remakes in active development’ as a result of a deal struck between Sony and Konami. In the last few years, Konami have shown an growing disinterest in developing and publishing traditional video games. This has left a significant gap in the market… Read More