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Tomorrow’s State Of Play: What To Expect

tomorrow's State Of Play

During last week’s State Of Play livestream, gaming fans expected to see titles like God Of War: Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy shown off. Instead what we got was an almost exclusively Japanese showing, for which you can check out our recap here. It is in fact during tomorrow’s State Of Play stream that we will see the much anticipated Harry Potter RPG shown off.

In fact, tomorrow’s State Of Play stream will apparently be dedicated to solely showing off Hogwarts Legacy, with no other titles being shown. This is apparently due to a significant marketing deal that has been struck between Sony and Warner Bros.

The State Of Play stream was announced in a PlayStation Blog post, which revealed that the stream will last around twenty minutes. According to the post, during the presentation we will be given a lot more details regarding the upcoming fantasy RPG. We will also be treated to 14 minutes of gameplay on the PlayStation 5. Hopefully, we will also see a release date given for the game, possibly for later this year.

The stream is due to start at 2PM Pacific Time, 5PM Eastern time and 9PM British Summer Time on PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels. It is also embedded just below.

Although it was leaked initially, we got our first official look at Hogwarts Legacy back in September of 2020 in a reveal trailer that appeared on the PlayStation YouTube channel. Although the game will not be exclusive to Sony consoles and will in fact be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, much of its marketing has been through Sony.

At the time of writing, that original trailer video has over 28 million views. It is clear that regardless of the unfortunate ties to JK Rowling and her transphobia, this new title is set to be a big hit for WB Games. Therefore, one can presume that the viewing figures for tomorrow’s deep-dive will also likely be pretty high.

Are you excited for tomorrow’s State Of Play steam? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Hogwarts Legacy and possibly getting a release date for the game? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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