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Creator Interview – Gordon Rennie

Introduction Hey folks and welcome to the another written BGCP creator interview. We are lucky enough to be chatting today with Gordon Rennie. Gordon Rennie is an incredibly talented artist from the Scotland. He has worked in the comic book and videogame industries respectively for the last 30 years. His credits include: Judge Dredd Rogue Trooper Killzone Splatterhouse Aliens vs… Read More

BGCP Interviews Mark Abnett (Aroha Comics)

BGCP Interviews Mark Abnett (Aroha Comics) This week Massimo sits down for a chat with Scottish based New Zealand Born comic creator Mark Abnett to talk about his Kickstarter for the latest issue of his series ‘This Land’. They discuss the book, Mark’s comic career so far, The story writing process and how Mark hopes to bring the Maori Culture… Read More

BGCP Interview Paul Amos (Jupiter’s Legacy, Assassin’s Creed)

BGCP Interview Paul Amos (Jupiter’s Legacy, Assassin’s Creed) Dan and Massimo chat to Assassin’s Creed and Jupiter’s Legacy star Paul Amos in our latest creator interview. They discuss what it’s like to film a flying scene, how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entertainment industry and how much creative input you really have when working with a massive company like… Read More
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BGCP Interviews Fraser Campbell (Alex Automatic, Cabal Comics)

BGCP Interviews Fraser Campbell (Alex Automatic, Cabal Comics) Massimo sits down for a chat with Scottish comic book writer Fraser Campbell to talk about his Current Kickstarter for the collected volume of “Alex Automatic.” They discuss the book and his Comic Career so far and Fraser details his process when it comes to crafting a story like this one. Fraser… Read More

BGCP Fan Casting – MCU X-Men

BGCP Fan Casting – MCU X-Men On this special episode, The BGCP hosts give their picks for who should play the X-Men when they are inevitably introduced to the MCU. Ian, Alan, Dan, Massimo and Bethany all take part with some surprising picks for some of the most popular X-Men. Please drop a comment if you agree with any of… Read More
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Review- JLA- Earth 2 A Tale of Dark Reflections

Review – JLA: Earth 2 Publisher: DC Comics Writers: Grant Morrison Artists: Frank Quitley Colourists: Laura DePuy Letterer: Kenny Lopez Release Date: 2000 Intro When you think of the Justice league, you think capes, cowls and most importantly heroes. So what happens when you take these beloved characters and twist them into something different, perverted even? You get Grant Morrison’s and Frank… Read More
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Review – All Star Superman

Review – All Star Superman Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Grant Morrison Penciller: Frank Quietly Inker: Jamie Grant Colourist: Jamie Grant Letterer: Phil Balsman & Travis Lanham Release Date: November 2005 – October 2008 Getting to review All Star Superman was great as it allowed me to revisit one of my favourite comics ever written, bearing in mind that I am… Read More