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AG@G: Blind Faith

An Essay On Why It Is Perilous To Put Blind Faith Into A Game Before You Know Whether Or Not It Actually Deserves Your Support Why do so many gamers put blind faith into a product long before they have any inkling of whether or not the finished product will be any good? We don’t do this with any other… Read More
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AG@G: Coasting On Past Victories

An Essay On How Sony Must Up Their Game To Stay On Top Coasting on your past victories is all well and good, but does anyone else think that it is a little bit odd how one of the biggest gaming companies on the planet have managed to release one of the most successful consoles ever, (to the point that… Read More
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AG@G: Premature Endorsement

An Essay on Why It Is Usually Best To Hold Off For a While, Before Buying a New Product Regardless of the amount of times we get burnt as an audience, gamers are still notoriously guilty of premature endorsement of a multitude of products across the market. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of why this is still such a… Read More
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AG@G: 2017 – AKA The Greatest Year Of Videogames Ever?

An Essay On The Insane Amount Of Fantastic Videogames That Were Released In 2017 How fondly do you remember the videogames released in 2017? The first three AG@G pieces that I have written so far have been on the negative side. I have been slagging off developers left and right and verbally abusing major distributors. Besides that, I’ve generally just… Read More
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AG@G: Full Blown Sequels VS A Stand-Alone DLC Expansion

Sometimes, Less Is More – An Essay On Why The Current Trend of Studios Releasing Stand-alone DLC Expansions, May Be Better Than Developing A Full Blown Sequel In November of last year, Insomniac released the follow up to their phenomenal Spider-Man game from 2018. The follow up was titled Spider-Man: Miles Morales and was a stand-alone DLC expansion, meaning that… Read More
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AG@G: Why There Is No Longer A Place For Mediocrity In The Video Game Industry

Example: The Sad State Of CD Projekt Red’s Reputation Following Cyberpunk: 2077 If you have been generous enough to read any of my other stuff, you may have read a piece I wrote earlier in the year where I loosely reviewed the Amazing Spiderman 2 on PS4. To be honest though, I just used the review as an excuse to… Read More
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AG@G: How Video Game Quality Control Is A Thing Of The Past

An Essay On The Oversaturation Of The Modern Video Game Market And The Race To The Bottom ‘There are too many games. Video game quality control is dead!’ These are statements that we hear thrown about often, but what do they actually mean? Surely gamers having a vast amount of choice of what to play is a good thing? Well… Read More
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Announcement: A Gander @ Gaming

Hey folks, A couple of days ago, I uploaded my “review,” of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild onto the site. This was my first piece I have written since joining the site at the start of the year that was as much a piece written to criticise aspects of the gaming industry as much as it was… Read More