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Official Synopsis For The Batman Released

As we edge ever closer to the much anticipated release of director Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie, the hype train is gaining momentum. To add to this, the Warner Bros.’ UK website have dropped the official synopsis for the film, giving fans a better idea of what they can expect to see from Robert Pattinson’s take on The World’s Greatest Detective. The full synopsis… Read More
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The BatMan Of Steel

What If Bruce Wayne Had The Abilities Of Kal-El? Back in 1964, DC attempted to introduce a robust new villain that possessed the combined powers of multiple members of the Justice League; including Batman and Superman. His name was; “Composite Superman,” (personally I think that The BatMan of Steel is a far better name but that might just be me.)… Read More
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Scott Snyder Rips Into DC’s New 52 Reboot

Believe it or not, as of a this month, DC’s New 52 reboot is ten years old! The controversial revamp of the entire DC universe has since been rebooted again several times. However, the New 52 is notable for being the first time in decades that such a major shake-up took place. With it, the New 52 brought some truly iconic… Read More
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Review – Batman: The Detective #4

Review – Batman: The Detective #4 SUMMARY After consenting to the Lyon Interpol’s arrest for the attempted murder of Ducard, Bruce Wayne is taken in for interrogation where he looks to find answers in their questions. Just who are Equilibrium and what more do they know about Batman? The mind games reach their boiling point in Batman: The Detective #4.… Read More
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Review – Kingdom Come (1996)

Review – Kingdom Come Publisher: DC Writer: Mark Waid Artist: Alex Ross Letters: Todd Klein Release Date: May – August 1996 When I was asked to write a review for Kingdom Come, I decided that I had to try and ignore its legacy as one of the greatest comics ever written and instead read through it once more and critique… Read More
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Review – Batman: The Detective #3

BE SURE TO READ MY REVIEWS OFBatman: The Detective #1 & Batman: The Detective #2! SUMMARY After a rough encounter in Paris with Equilibrium and an old friend and mentor on his death bed, Batman reminisces on his cowl-less days of tutelage with Ducard on the art of espionage and reflects on the mistakes and trauma of their unlikely friendship,… Read More
Batman: The Detective #2 Comic Reviews 

Review – Batman: The Detective #2

SUMMARY Batman: The Detective #2 is the second issue of a brand new and gritty Batman series. Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Andy Kubert with inks and colours by Sandy Hope & Brand Anderson.  This elaborate game of chess continues, and it’s the Bat’s move. With a hired goon of the mysterious Equilibrium bugged and on the run… Read More

BGCP: One Shot (Zack Snyder’s Justice League)

BGCP: One Shot (Zack Snyder’s Justice League) Q – What do you get when you put together three guys who loved the Snyder cut and one guy who thought it was maybe the worst movie ever? A – One pretty amusing podcast that breaks down Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Join Ian, Dan, Massimo and someone who is definitely not Alan… Read More